Famiglia Zerillo distinguishes itself by bringing you the best products, offering brands that are defined by quality, generational values and time-honoured traditions. 

Our roots stem all the way back to the 1900s, when our family arrived in Puglia and did what they knew best, combining their passion to cultivate the land and reaping the benefits of their work to generously share it with family and friends. 

This includes our in-house olive oil, Zerillo Oil, crafted to perfection by more than three generations of olive growers. Reinforced by the grandeur of the ancient olive trees, Famiglia Zerillo honours our family‚Äôs heritage and legacy afforded by its founding members by serving you an elevated farm-to-table experience. 

Much more than a brand of olive oil, Famiglia Zerillo symbolizes generational aspiration, passion, connection, and humility toward the craft of making olive oil, and recognizes other brands that share the same passion. 

As our family tree has grown its roots from Italy, all the way to North America, we remain true to our core values that allow the fruits of our labour to flourish, extending our branches all the way to you.